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Green Design

All of our plans employ many green attributes.  When we think green we look at all areas of sustainable design.  This means we pay great attention to the energy efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and the site and community impact of your home.  Green design also means paying close attention to the site planning aspects of your home.  Since our plans obviously cannot include your own site design we encourage you to work with a competent design professional to help assess your building site, properly locate your new house and prepare a sustainable landscaping plan.

Below is a partial listing of green principals employed in our plans and specifications:

· Efficient Plan Designs (minimizes impact on site, use of materials and energy use)

· Quality Materials are Utilized (long lasting materials reduce stress on landfills)

· Materials with Green Attributes are specified (linoleum, cork, etc.)

· Energy Efficient Envelope Construction

· Low / No VOC paints are specified

· Extensive use of engineered lumber / trusses (this minimizes the need for larger sections of wood (2x10’s, etc) which requires more tree harvesting)

· Strategies are employed to keep moisture out of the home (this helps to ensure a healthy home)

· We also provide you with a Green Guideline Checklist which you can use working with your builder to determine the best strategies for you.

Prioritizing Green:

The amount of information available on Green Design is incredible.   The number of choices you have to make can seem daunting.  We have trited to make things a bit more simple with our:    Top 10 Green Things to do! – When building your new home.

Green Design
Simple and Unique Cottage, Country, Craftsman and Bungalow House Plans

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