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Narrow Lot House Plans and Home Designs by

Simple yet Unique House Plans for Narrow Lots or Small Lots!

We offer a number of narrow lot house plans at Simply Elegant Home Designs.  And all of our house plans for narrow lots are designed to live up to our commitment to always only  offer plans that represent high quality design inside and out.  Simple yet unique house plans with thoughtful layouts that are beautiful in function and looks.

Our narrow lot house plans are offered in a variety of architectural styles including Country, Cottage, Shingle Style, Farmhouse and Modern.  

We would suggest checking out the home designs below in your search for a narrow lot house plan.  But if you are having a hard time finding exactly what you are looking for please contact us about having us design one custom narrow house plan for you.  

Scandia Modern Cottage Narrow Lot House Plan Green Cottage House Plan, Narrow House Plan - Prescott Cottage Midwest Living Idea Farmhouse Plan, Narrow House Plan

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Simple and Unique Cottage, Country, Craftsman and Bungalow House Plans
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Simple Cottage House Plan - narrow lot house plan -  Hudson Cottage
Unique Farmhouse Plan - house plan for narrow lot - Hudson Farmhouse
Unique House Plan, Narrow House Plan - Afton Cottage
Unique Small House Plan - Willernie Cottage